I still don't understand what they mean by "Irregular activity"

If things work “as intended,” the answer is no. The current system is supposed to flag not only based on your browser profile but based on your Uphold account. And as they said, it won’t be reinstated. Basically, you’re permanently suspended from Rewards based on that browser profile and your Uphold. You may be able to connect a different browser profile to that Uphold, but then payments wouldn’t arrive as it goes through checks and the system realizes it’s flagged.

The reason I specified at least not with that profile and custodial account in my last response is because of upcoming changes this year which will allow for on chain payments. You can kind of see more on that at PSA: Current and upcoming changes to Rewards and Creators

There may be options for you to begin earning again through that when they have the on chain payments arrive (not expecting too soon, but will arrive this year at least). But in terms of anything via Uphold account, you should essentially be out of luck.

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