I signed up to be served 4 ads and hour and have seen none?

I am new here and use Brave for iOS. It was just updated today, so I assume it is the latest version. When I set up Rewards I agreed to be served 4 ads an hour. I have had the browser open for several hours and have not seen any.

Am I looking in the wrong place? I assume they will appear in my open window.

Are there other settings I need to adjust (like pop up blocker which appears to be on) to be able to view them?

Thanks for the help.

Thank you for reaching out to us.
Please make sure you read through our FAQ which addresses many common questions such as this.

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Thank you. I adjusted my Do not disturb settings and will begin using Brave for more web searches and shopping to help generate relevant ads. If I am still not seeing any in a few weeks I will check back.

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