I should forget about my BAT?

After several complains nothing as been done to this so heart breaking @steeven you told me everything will be fine. But till when?

Hi @Nelsy1 - as mentioned, the reason you have not received your payment is due to Payments not being deposited to your Uphold account, for which a fix is currently on the way. Thank you for your patience!

Hi there, I am a resident of New York, so how am I able to set up a Uphold account ??
This is really unfair! I am a content creator and it says for the month of August I am not going to get the payment because I have not created an Uphold account.
As I told you there is a reason for that! I live in New York state. So what sort of options do I have in a situation like this?? Please help.

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No it’s not connected to uphold yet, I claim the grant as seen in the screenshot but it doesn’t reflect on My brave wallet :sob:

@steeven it’s not connected to uphold yet

@eljuno then at least say something instead of flagging n closing my topics :roll_eyes:

@Nelsy1 - once the fix is in, I will update the post. Thanks. No need to open a new thread.


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