I sent money in uphold by mistake help me please

Hi, I come to report that I lost part of my brave winnings due to a mistake I made

I sent money by mistake to the “USD” account of an unknown user, I am from Venezuela, the user I send seems to be from Russia or Ukraine, the truth is I don’t know I put the user and not the mail.

I would like to get my money back, it was $ 110 and that in my country is a lot. I need help @steeven

How can you send money to someone “by mistake” ???

Hi @fievr, this is really unfortunate. I don’t think Brave staff could help you with this as much as Uphold Support might. Have you contacted them?

Good afternoon, read the post well, the username of the company to whom I was going to send the money is the same as the person I sent, my mistake was that I had to put the email and not the user, that can happen to him to anyone, do not put “by mistake” practically doubting what I say, I came here desperate to seek solutions and opinions from people who have been in the same situation, I did not come to look for judges.

Hello @saereV , if I contacted them but they tell me that when a transaction is made there is no going back, I understand why they are their policies, I know that they cannot arbitrarily extract the money from the user because they cannot verify that it really was a mistake, but I kindly asked them to send an email alert, so that I can return the money voluntarily, since they are not going to send me user information and they also refused, I think that is not right and Beyond their policies, I think it is bad support, they can send an alert to the user and to return the money voluntarily or not. thanks for taking the time to read the post

You logged into your Uphold account (nothing to do with Brave), you send USD (nothing to do with Brave) to an address you put in as the recipient (nothing to do with Brave). What do you expect Brave to do?

Hi @fievr, I hope it didn’t set you back too terribly. We have to be very careful, triple-check all information before hitting that send button - handle it like a point of no return. I do wish you better luck.

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