I sent 5 messages to support. No answer

My BAT on 14//06

My BAT on 16/06

But i did not received any BAT on UpHold.
I sent 5 messages to @steeven but no answer.

Is there someone to help ? admin ? Support ?

21/06 : No i did not turn on auto-contribute
21/06 : No my previous month’s bat has not been deducted

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Your previous month’s bat has been deducted.

Possibly you have auto-contribute turned on?:

You would want it like this:

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I am the same, I have written to @steeven and I have not received any response, it seems that my messages are ignored. please help. @steeven

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The system should have told that the support is not available, hasn’t it ?

@Sparti4te please see our DM. Thank you.

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