I sent 365.634 BAT on my Brave Wallet but I didn't receive it

Hi all,

I sent 365.634 BATS from Binance to my Brave wallet address months ago, but they have not shown up in my Account Balance. I don’t understand why.

Please help me.
Thank you.

Can you elaborate more about this :point_up:? When you said Brave wallet, did you mean the one under brave://rewards (on desktop)?

I was talking about the little purple triangle. When I click on it, I can access “Add funds”. When I click on Add Funds, it give me a wallet address. I used the Wallet Address specified for BAT on Binance to transfer my BAT. But I never received anything.

Thanks for the info @User6. Usually it take 24 hours to update the balance.

cc @Mattches @sriram @LaurenWags for assistance here.

It was 4 months ago. Hope my BAT are not lost !

usuario creo que debes esperar sino busca en ayuda para que te solucionen el problema !!!

Check the address of your wallet again and confirm if it is still the same as the wallet you sent it to.

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As @Dgenies mentions, ensure that the wallet you’re sending this BAT to is accurate. Additionally, you mention

Is there a particular reason you didn’t reach out about this four months ago when this initially happened?

Disculpe pense que el problema era actual !!!

Disculpa usuario6 pense que su problema era actual !!!

Disculpen por favor pense que el problema de Usuario6 era actual !!!

Now my Wallet Address for BAT has changed. Since one Brave’s update it is not the same.

And Why I waited so long ? Because I only heard of the Brave Community Platform days ago by a friend. Before that I didn’t know any way to contact Brave.

Do you have the wallet key for the previous wallet
That can restore your wallet.
Sorry for about ordeal.

The key ? What is it ?
I don’t think I have it anymore. Because my Brave Browser is not the same anymore since the update.

@Mattches Will I recover my BAT ? Or is it too late ?

@User6 if you can recover the wallet you can recover the funds

I can tell you for a fact the money is still in the wallet. I just checked etherscan and it is all there if you can recover the wallet you can have the money instantly. this is my candid piece of advice Brave -settings - Reward - click the gear icon :gear: where it says your wallet - backup/restore depending on the next situation
The funds are currently valued at 126.69USD

Thank you for all this precious information @Dgenies . But I don’t have any recovery key from my precedent wallet. I don’t know at all what I have to find this key.

Were you using the older version of Brave and have just updated to the new Chromium-based version?

If so, you can still recover your wallet recovery key by launching that build and following the steps to restore your wallet in the new one you’re using now.


Thank you for all the help.
But I don’t have any more the old version of Brave.
So without my recovery key and without the previous Brave, is there any way I can recover my funds ?