I see more ads per hour on mobile than i do on desktop

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I’ve noticed that I see more ads on my ios version of brave than i do on my desktop mac. I have both set a 5 ads per hour, but i would say i get roughly 1 ad every 2-3 hours on my desktop. I’m not sure what triggers ads to appear but I use my desktop drastically more than my mobile device. i can without a doubt say that I get more ads per hour on my mobile. February payout (received yesterday) i only got 33 BAT on my desktop and 26.7 BAT on my iPhone version.

If there is any way I could find and post statistics on my usage time for Desktop and Mobile Brave app, please let me know.

After checking my “Screen Time” within the settings app on my iPhone, i average roughly 1hr 10min per day on Brave, and spent a total of 8hrs and 14min using the app this past week (7 days). I could without a doubt say that I spend roughly 6-8 hours per day using Brave on my desktop.

You linked the the appropriate FAQ page, but I think you may want to re-read one of the paragraphs there:


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