I reseted the app and lost my balance

I reseted the app on my phone before reach the 25 BAT. So I can’t verified my account. Now I lost my balance. I don’t know can I save my balance, if not I’m sorry but it’s absurd. Can’t I reset the app before reaching the 25 BAT ? Thanks.

I also clear cache in almost every 3 days, but nothing changed or loss,
I think, You might cleared Data by Mistake,

Yes, sorry I meant that. I reseted from the app manager. But there must be solution for that. The app was crashing I reseted for this. (I edited the topic.)

If your wallet wasn’t verified, than its impossible to recover your BAT again.

For more assistance you can tag moderaters.

Yes I know actually but it’s so silly. When I want to reset app I can’t before 25 bat… They must find a solution to this.

I think in next update they are reducing minimum value to 15 BATs for verification Process.
In Brave Beta they rolled out 15 BAT Requirement.

Will be good for new users. I missed it… But that’s not a solution I think. We should be able to backup our balance from the zero.

Now an update has been released and I’m pretty sure you can do it. But you can’t do anything now…