I reset my computer and I can't sync with uphold

I just re-entered my data in brave but when verifying my wallet with the uphold page I get an error that I have many connected devices and only have 2 devices my computer and my cell phone synchronized with the same account I hope they give me a solution to my problem

sync devices only syncs the search history, bookmarks, etc but not the wallet ID… and the moment you reset your device and reinstalling brave again, it creates new rewards wallet id. When you tried reconnecting it to uphold, it detects that you had connected more devices because all previous connections are still valid to uphold. A solution for you is to request for disconnection of wallet. Here’s the instruction: Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches

PS: next time, back up first your rewards wallet id before resetting device. in this way, you can reuse it later and uphold (or gemini) will got no problem.

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