I requested that my email gets changed with uphold

i requested that my email gets changed with/@ uphold… a few months later theywiped the old account at the same time as notifying me that i had a duplicate account which was against their policies. I thought that part would have been automatic but it wasn’t. Now brave thinks that the uphold i had connected to the old email is my main uphold account that still works with brave. It is not. That version of my account was deleted by the uphold team and funds were put onto the new account with new email. Now when i try to “verify my uphold wallet” brave is saying that brave is connected to an uphold account with a different email. Yes the email that is the one for the old and now deleted and liquidated account. There is no option to fix this anywhere. The only thing that can help is if a member of the brave team can stop my brave browser from only recognizing the old uphold account as my current uphold account. I wanted a different email attached to it. That is why the brave browser thinks my brave is connected to a different account with a different email. no. that account was liqidated and merged into a totally new account that has the email i fell safer with.

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