I received the payout of april but it disapear today

I don’t know why my payout of april disapeared.
I have 123 BAT instead of 148,3 BAT.
Can you help me for this issue ?

It is common to not be paid out full balances as any BAT you earn during the first week of the month will be carried over to the NEXT month’s payout – you’ll get anything you missed this month, in May’s payout. :slight_smile:

I have receive the BAT of April but all I earn from this month disapear from BAT balance today. Yesterday, my BAT balance was around 148 BAT and now it’s 123 like my BAT balance BEFORE the payout of April but the earnings of April (~25,3 BAT) is on my payout History of this month but disapear on my wallet balance. And the BAT from April is not on the estimate earnings for May

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