I received my reference payment for the month of June in advance, but I did not receive the full payment

Its payment for march not april

Those are the references to open to be paid on June 8, but they paid me today. What I’m claiming is that they paid me incomplete.

Indeed, that is the April reference that was confirmed this month (May), which was due to pay me on June 8

Wow april payment processed today ?

No, you do not understand, the references earned in April confirm them 30 days later (in my case in May), if the user uses the browser during that time, then the references confirmed in May are paid on June 8 (but to me They paid me today), it has always been like this since I am a creator of brave.

Sorry im understood . Thanks

Hi @lgavidia12 - the June payment is still on track. What you received today is different and likely tied to this - Good news: Regarding your overstated Creator balance.

If you do not receive the expected amount of BAT on June 8th - please let me know. Thank you.


Hello @steeven I am writing to you because my balance of brave rewards has disappeared, I would like to know if this is an error because of the bonus they gave me a few days ago.

Hi @lgavidia12 - does it show that you have a pending payment?

Hello @steeven it appears to me like this.

I had 478.36 BAT balance as it is in the first image of this thread. but actually it should be around 720 BAT as I explain in the thread

Hello @steeven ! do you have any news for me?

Hi @lgavidia12 - the next payout is scheduled for Monday. If you do not receive the expected amount of BAT from that payout, please let me know. Thank you for your patience.

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@steeven Good friend, I also have the same problem, I have 5 confirmed referrals, which have been my friends in the USA. USA, I must have had the corresponding bats a long time ago but it only registered 88 bats and at that time it cost less :(. Please help me.

Hello, @steeven I only received 94 BAT of the 720 BAT, which I had to receive this month.

Hello, @steeven because I get references from another group on the invoice which I do not have according to the confirmations in the graphs and blue box as I show at the beginning of this thread, despite the disorder in the invoice on the groups the account gives approximately the same BAT who calculated that they should have paid me this month (approx. 720 BAT) and only received 94 BAT. Please help.

Hello, @steeven is there any news about my case?

Hi @lgavidia12 - thanks for your patience. Please DM me the email linked to your account.

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