I received my incomplete payment-julio 08

Hello, today I received a payment to my portfolio, for an amount of 45 bats, much lower than the one reflected in the balance of my brave navigator, which is of 161,98. That’s what it says in pending payments …
But the amount of the browser remains the same, despite having received this payment, it still appears as payment in process the amount of 161.98 percent.
And I want to know what this is due to, whether it will reach me or not.
And I also want to know if the payment received is all that I will receive, because my account reflects this balance. And how do I resolve to show a real balance, with which I can count accurately, since I expected everything to come to me?
Thank you

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@earaya payout is for any contribution that you received from 1-31 of previous month. Contribution that you received after that period will be paid next month.

And it may take some times before the balance on your publisher account get updated.


@eljuno what if i received my bat april may & june and i connect my uphold this july. so can i get ALL MY BAT this august 8?

@wlfblood you will receive all contribution that you received until July 31th – will be paid around August, 8th.


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