I received less bat in my jan payout

I received less bat than it was showing on my brave rewards.they also said about bonus but i didnt even recieve my full payout.
I also wanna ask that today I received claim ads button which I normally(until now) didn’t recieve or see.i have connected my wallet to gemini and as far as I know you don’t need to press claim button in case of gemini but today I saw a claim button and received less bat.is it common to happen ?


The exact same thing happened to me today, my jan rewards was 2.1, i received a claim button which i didnt receive until now, and i received 2 Bat, not sure what is it.

Something bro I also recieved less but they said they would even give bonus but I didn’t even recieve my own payment.

Exactly, but my payout status says, your january rewards have arrived, not sure.

Same it says congratulations your payout has been transfered.

Confirmed, the earlier 2 Bat was the bonus or the free reward tokens which brave sends…i just received my 2.261 Bat from Pc.

i didnt recieve any extra bat and didnt even recieve my full payout.

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can you please tell me what do you see in brave reawards?

It says, “Congrats, your january rewards have arrived”

I received a 2.0 Bat reward in the morning, which I think was the bonus, not sure, and the other payout of 2.261 BAT of january month in the evening.

okay when you recieved bonus did it showed congrats or when you recieved your payout
and were you connected to gemini before or you connected it yesterday

Today morning when i received 2 bat, it showed congrats, your rewards have arrived, i thought i received less bat for my jan payout. But then in the evening i received another 2.261 BAT which was the original january month payout.

okay but i recieved 2.5 bat yesterday and it was less by almost 0.03 bat and didnt recieve any bonus.

did you recieve your 2 bat bonus when you pressed claim button and recieved orgional payout later?

Yes, received 2 bat after pressing clain your rewards.

Okay i asked because i didnt recieve full rewards and also not the bonus

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