I received 7 BATs as grant but can't see the estimated pending rewards of 10 BATs deposited in the main wallet? Any suggestions?

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Okay, so I had 10 + BATs (I am guessing 10.5 or something like that) pending to be deposited which I earned by viewing ads. And 14-15 hours ago when I saw an option to ‘Claim the reward’ and it showed that it was on its way to be deposited and also showed that I had been given 7.9 BATs as a grant. So now I see that 7.9 is deposited as a grant but can’t see those 10 BATs in my “main wallet” (by main wallet I mean the one by clicking the triangle on the right-hand side of the URL bar). I have tried relaunching my browser to see if that was the issue but that didn’t resolve it

Got it. Thanks for the info, @Prastab.

You may want to take a look in this thread first An update to our Brave Rewards UI and a brief explainer on Ads BAT flow.

Let me know if it’s still unclear.

Thanks @eljuno for quick response. So basically Brave deposited 7.9 because the other 2.1 BATs were since August 1 and the payment is up until last day of July.
My other question is that I think the word ‘grant’ is little confusing. Because I thought I was getting free BATs on the top of what I earned by viewing ads.
Could you clarify a little more about ‘grants’?

cc @alex @mandar on thus

@Prastab thanks for your commentary and i can appreciate your patience as you learn about Brave Rewards.

Grants are meant to be airdrops for you to be able to contribute it back to the creators that you browser via Brave. So the idea is that these are still grants (as in free to you) for you to contribute creators vs. taking them home. Our goal is for users like yourself to show their appreciation to their favorite content creators and contribute to the ones that garner your attention. Ad Rewards on the other hand are earned and Brave will provide alternatives to cash them out – even though we sincerely hope you contribute it back to your favorite creators.

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