I receive ads but no rewards

HELLO I have a problem, I receive the maximum of ads and I receive only the minimum of bat, each time the estimated amount of 40 or 50 bat but I only receive 0.5 bat I would like to know if this is normal? because if it’s to see a window pop up all day for 0.5bat I UNINSTALL IMMEDIATELY especially that at the beginning I received the normal amount but for a few months or I have received nothing or the minimum while I use the browser all day

Yeah, by the time being it is normal, because the advertisers choose to reduce the value that the ads pay. That’s what I have heard till now. Some ads still pay the normal amount.

Seriously :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ?, I believe brave is a good enough browser to uninstall it for something so insignificant, if you don’t want to see the notifications deactivate the rewards and that’s it

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