I only get ads after I (re-)start my desktop

Hey guys,

so I’ve recently started to use Brave and I’m really happy with it so far.

Unfortunately I have a little problem with ads: whenever I boot my desktop up (win 10) and start using Brave, I usually receive one ad about 5 minutes in. But that’s it for the rest of the day, until I restart or log out and log into windows again.

I don’t think it has anything to do with my location or so, since I frequently get ads on my android device where everything works perfectly.

I’ve come up with the idea that maybe an anti virus software (Norton) blocks out the ads.brave.com (or whatever the actual URL is) and that the software takes time at a reboot to start so the first ad isn’t affected.

If anyone of you has an idea on how to fix this or how to get more information about the problem, I would really appreciate your input.

Thanks a lot guys and stay safe.

Norton could be causing this behavior. It may also be your Focus Assist settings you have Windows configured to. See here for more information:

Hi @schrome - thanks a bunch for reporting. What Brave version are you on? Are you running any other extensions, or a VPN? Lastly, what country are you in? Thanks in advance @schrome!

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Version 1.8.96. No extensions, no VPN. Located in France, system set to USA. Are you available for a zoom call?

I am able to receive normal notifications, focus assistant is off. I don’t know how to handle Norton in that case unfortunately. Would you be available for a zoom call?

@steeven @Mattches @sampson , I am now available to fix the issue.

Let me get this strait…You are complaining that you Do Not get those popup adds on Brave???
The rest of the universe is thankful when adds are permanently blocked :slight_smile:

First of all, are you familiar with the basic concept of the browser?

Also, I’m not complaining, I’m seeking to understand why a feature doesn’t work properly on my machine.

Finally, your “the rest of the world is happy about…” argument is pretty bad in ANY discussion.

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