I no longer receive a secure login link

Hello to all,

I no longer receive my secure login link from “https://creators.brave.com/” since 8:58 am. Do you have an explanation? Is there a problem with the site?
I enclose my screenshots

Thank you in advance for your answers.

yes, even I am also facing the same issue @steeven, please have a look at this problem.
thanks in advance.

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It’s good for me thank you and you @teja ? Certainly a problem with the servers or other but I wanted to have confirmation. Good continuation to all and thank you to the BRAVE team.

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Hi @SantaMuerte - is this still an issue for you? Publishers was down this morning for a bit.


Hi @steeven,

Yes, thank you :wink: As a souvenir the address appears on brave rewards will I still receive the payment? Thank you very much.

thank you @steeven for your kind reply. have a nice day

No recibo mi correo de inicio de sesión de brave rewards por que ? :frowning:

Certainly still a malfunction but it should be fixed quickly.

Yo tampoco recibo el link para iniciar sesión en Brave Creators :frowning:

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I’m facing this problem.What can i do??


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