I need your answers and support. Anyone up there please help me

I still have not received my money back to my Paypal account. I live in Japan, so Paypal is required to pay but it has been over 6 months since I have not received money. How do I receive my money? @steeven @Aa-ron

Please help me finish solving the problem here.

Hey. For this kinda problem the best solution will be you contact the Paypal support.

My Paypal account is completely normal. I sent support letter to Paypal and they announced that my account has been verified successfully and can receive and send money.

Please answer me immediately. When will I get my money back to Paypal or a new method is offered for me to get my money. Don’t be silent like that @steeven @Aa-ron

Just calm down. I understand your situation. Wait for few more days you should get your money back.

Still no payments are coming to my Paypal account. Please help @steeven @Aa-ron

I have to wait 7 months, not a few days. They could not find any reason why I did not receive the money. They didn’t try to fix it for me to receive money because that time was too much to do it. I don’t know if anyone in Japan gets money through Paypal

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