I need to sync my rewards, same device, new HDD

Hi all, exactly what the title says. My HDD is hardaly damaged, still working but I buy I new one and installed same OS (manjaro), and brave. I have read that there is not another way to sync than through uphold, but in this case (same laptop, same OS, diff HDD) do I have any option? I can´t verify my uphold wallet because I don´t reach the 15 bat requeriment to do so.

And if there is not another way, what if start from 0 in the new HDD and I plug the damaged one some time later (when I can verify uphold, or there is another new way to do it) will I still having those bats?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english!

I had a very similar problem on Manjaro which is why I initially joined these forums. The only way I got my profile back was by doing a clone using Clonezilla. I tried cloning with DD and that was not as good as a clone. However, not sure how damaged your HDD is, is it a problem due to mechanical or some virus type problem. If it is just mechanical I’d say clone it using clonezilla and just delete any junk off to save space you need. In addition you do not need a 15 BAT minimum if you make a Uphold account on PC, that is only for mobile devices. So you could just make an Uphold account, plug your old HDD back in connect that to Uphold. Then next payout date in February it should be paid out to your Phold account.

oh I didn´t clone anything I already had my important stuff on the cloud, so just start from fresh. I will try again with uphold next month, I couldn´t verify on the old hdd, link just don´t work. I thought was for the amount of bats. Thanks! And manjaro rules LOL

Gotcha, I only mentioned cloning because if you wanted the BAT off the HDD. But I guess if connecting it to uphold never worked then its probably not worth it. Besides it is only under 15$ worth of BAT. I’d say to waste the slot to even get this off is not even worth it. Esp with how volatile Linux can be, one wrong move and the OS is crashed. Best to save your device slots for future devices.

On a side ramble, I do like Manjaro as it seems very similar in operation to windows which is great. Ubuntu does not cut if for me and I cannot even connect it to an HDMI monitor from the laptop. No thanks. Manjaro is the best so far.

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I already sync my bats! was my mistake, I didn´t realized that uphold rejected the verification (bad pictures), just restart the verif. and done, everything is syncronized now. And the link on brave side works now too (I gues that was temporary). I marked this as solved, thanks a lot. About manjaro, Iḿ almost new with linux, I develope stuff for the web and move from windows 2 years ago, linux made my life easier regarding development workflows and all that, I had tested a lot of distros, broke everyone LOL, fedora, ubuntu, debian, pfff I was about to install again windows until I meet arch, then switch to manjaro, I never had a single issue with these two distro. Only first time on arch but since I use manjaro a year ago this is the first time I reinstall and because the hardware not the distro or my lack of knowledge and broking things haha. And the ability to compile and test software from the source as easy as AUR provides is just priceless, I don´t see me changing distro any time soon.

Thanks for all!


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