I need help with my account and payments

Some time ago I transferred USDC money to my account, through optisim, I was never able to withdraw it since I still don’t understand if I have to have eth in eth or in optisim as such, then I transferred it to my cell phone since I changed computers, but at the same time Transferring my account from the cell phone to the computer again took me to the fact that I only found my eth balance but not my USDC balance, on the computer it does not represent my value but on the cell phone it does, apart from this I would like you to answer me if said balance is lost or what do I have to do to make it appear, also ask them to explain to me in detail about the gas, in what currency I have to have it, if to transform from optisim to eth I have to have an eth balance in eth or in optisim

Windows 11 x64 and iOS 17.3 operating system

If it’s on Optimism, then gas fee is Optimistic ETH that is used for gas fees. Ethereum ETH is only used for tokens on the Ethereum network.

It seems you don’t have USDC from Optimism as a visible asset on your computer. When you are in the portfolio, you’ll see the image icon. Click on it. This will show you all visible assets. You have My Assets and Available Assets. You may need to go to Available Assets and look for USDC on Optimism and add it. The list would be like below if you search USDC under the Available Assets.

Clicking the + will make it visible and your balance will appear.

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