I need help with malware and compromised browser

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HTTPS is not encrypted. I get redirected from malware. I believe a am a victim of a DOS man-in-the-middle attack.

I have malware and spoofed apps. I am a victim of a DOS man-in-the-middle attack for almost a decade. Those responsible are able to infiltrate my MacBook and my iPhone or any device, even new ones immediately. I can’t stop them from getting in and using my settings and more importantly my IP address to commit acts of fraud. I want to include photos.

There are most likely leaks and I know my screen is mirrored giving the responsible party knowledge of everything and no vpn or antivirus works. They are using my IP remotely and any contact I attempt for help is an impersonator. I’ve also seen that it has mitre attack behaviors and I have evidence by documenting via screen shots. They use token as well making me believe they are developers.


It’s either a conspiracy of immeasurable proportions or very talented, sophisticated and extremely dedicated to an endgame that I am unaware but I do have much more detail

Yes, you caught us. We are sorry, please take a break we’ll be watching.

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