I need help with balance not showing up on my brave wallet

Hi, I have a balance of 29 bat, it shows up on brave publishers when I log in, it does not show up on my brave rewards wallet. How can I recover the tokens? it’s there but I can’t “transfer” it to brave.

This is “publishers”

But then it does not show up there where I can withdraw.

Did I miss something?

Hello @mariajam,
First, your creators.brave.com account is have no relation with your brave:rewards wallet. It’s two different wallets with different purposes. That’s why you not see it on your Rewards wallet and vice versa.

  • creators.brave.com is used by creator to manage your channel/s and BAT received from contribution, tip, and/or referral program.
  • while brave:rewards is used by user to manage the Brave Rewards wallet – auto-contribute, tip, and Brave Ads.

For creators, like mentioned on your screenshot, BAT that you received will be automatically deposited to your Uphold account in the next payout – May 8th.

Hope that make it clear for you.

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