I need help verifying myself as a content creator

I have logged in added the 2 YouTube channels, but now they say that this creator can’t receive rewards because it’s not verified,

How can I do that?

I received an email from uphold and a link to verify but when I click it, opens uphold and nothing happens. I already had uphold and it’s KYC done time ago. Do I still have to reverify for content creator rewards system?

Is it a matter of waiting? Channel is


Please help me

“Este Editor verificado por Brave aún no ha configurado su cuenta para recibir contribuciones de los usuarios de Brave. Cualquier propina que envíes permanecerá en tu monedero hasta que complete este proceso.”

ive updated the state on the brave rewards icon on my desktop browser and it now says im a verified content creator, but yet have to config my account to receive contributions from brave users,

how should i do that?

on my brave content creators site i see uphold connected, payment in BAT

@MArkFIA It can take 1-3 days to reflect the change and you will be able to see “Brave Verified Creator” status on your channel soon. For the moment you can receive tips and contributions. See this-

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Ok my friend I will wait one week :slight_smile:

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Fraud? If I’ve earned bat I should be free to do with it as I want I don’t see the fraud here really

You get payed in bat because you opt to see ads. You deserve that bat and the right to distribute it where you want no?

I really don’t understand the issue here

The linked post says that about self-tipping. It can be misused, say, if a users starts creating multiple installations of Brave (imagine huge number) and simultaneously earns BATs in all of them then it wouldn’t you agree that it is abuse of the reward system as advertisers are paying and their campaigns are targeting dummy users? Such wallets should be flagged by the fraud-detection system.

Regarding self-tipping see this thread also-

I still don’t see them validated on mobile iOS browser, only on desktop, how do you make mobile app reload publisher_list?

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