I have not received a single ad for at least 5 months with no ads.

Can you help?

Please search the forum or just open your eyes and read pinned posts first, before creating a new topic.

Oh yeah open my eyes, very funny.
You’re telling me that during this 5 months Brave hasn’t found RELEVANT ads? you must be joking.
FIRST: After 5 months of no ads put yourself in our position, because it’s not only me not receiving any ads.
SECOND: I did my research and I have posted or replied to others with the same issue.
THIRD: I have to thank you @steeven the only one who tried to solve the issue and sending 20Bats.
FOURTH: who are you to judge people?
FIFTH: don’t be a smart a…

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Don’t get mad because you can’t fix your issues. It’s clearly your problem since for the majority of people it is working fine. I had issues too, for me it was a notification-settings problem.
Try to calm down and go through the points one-by-one once again.
I can guarantee you, you probably have not tried every single step to the full extent.

Also I am not trying to be a smartass nor trying to judge you (For what even?).
But you should still first read the forum before creating another topic like the dozens of people who do the same.

Once you went through every single step again, then your issue is either fixed, or you can try to post again here. But without 3x caps-lock “HELP” in the title.

@senic @litibru,
Brave Community is a place where we can discuss issues with the browser and exchange feedback and we do so respectfully. None of this thread is respectful.

I’m closing the thread out because it’s not useful. @litibru – if you’re having trouble with ads, open a new thread, in the appropriate category, and please provide us with as many details surrounding your issue as possible so that we can accurately address the issue(s) you’re seeing.