I need brave wallet

Where I can hold my bat. I do’nt want to use uphold. Bat has desktop wallet, web wallet or no?
Please answer me I dont want to keep my token in exchange

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You can transfer your BAT tokens to an ERC20 compatible wallet like ‘MyEtherWallet’.
Refer to: BAT token FAQs


@joulianet I’m assuming you’re talking about the BAT grants Brave has given you. I don’t see why that should matter much if you’re going to be contributing it anyway, leaving it within the confines of the Brave-Browser seems okay.

They are underway developing a 2-way wallet soon for the browser and before the end of the year you may have greater control over the cryptos stored in Brave.

To be honest @joulianet you’ve sort of confused me because you also weren’t clear if you were speaking from a contributors or a publishers perspective, you can’t have possibly bought BATs otherwise the issue in the topic would be irrelevant but if you’ve bought Bitcoins or another cryptoC that the browser accepts in ‘Add Funds’, then holding it wherever you’ve currently got it should be good enough. Just basically contribute by transferring the necessary amount from wherever you’ve currently got it stored to Brave a couple of days before the ‘next contribution’ date.

If you’ve got BATs purchased from wherever you got it from and you would prefer to store it more locally, there’s a cross-platform multi crypto storing solution called Exodus that you may like.