I moved from one country to another and i got flagged

Hi, i recently started traveling, i moved from Chile to the US and i noticed that i stoped getting AD rewards ( I can still se the ads btw), i was thinking that it could be that i was using the old uphold wallet, i disconnected the one that i had and tryed re-connecting with the new wallet but it told me that i was flagged.
Is this something that i should be worried about?
Thanks for the answers and i hope everyone has a great day :slight_smile:

I think it is because your wallet was originally set up in chile and now since you are in the u.s. it has been flagged temporarily. This is why using VPNs and saying you are from country B when you really live in country A causes people all the time to have their wallets flagged. I think you would have to reach out to an admin like @Mattches to advise what to do.

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