I mistakenly sent some BAT tokens to a contract address,is there any way to recover my BAT tokens?

I by mistake sent some BAT tokens from my Binance account to a contract address (Metamask ),is there any way to recover these tokens??who do I need to contact?? I asked Metamask support Team for help but I been told to contact Brave community team for any possible solution.

is there anyone who can help me please !!!


Shoukat Ali

I am also curious about this as I sent chainlink to the bat contract address

You can’t recover Any Crypto if you sent their Wallet address Like (0xhe6dyd783***************)
because it’s P2P transections. So if you sent already then there is no way to get back ( my experience)
So be careful when you sending your crypto to any wallet or trade site you must Re-check address for security purposes.

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