I miss the Open New Tab selection on right click (Firefox)

I just abandoned Fifrefox after nearly twenty years of use, Netscape in the beginning. I also design and maintain websites. I have two emails and all my managed websites loaded as Home sites. This makes performing my business duties very easy in the morning with the first cup of coffee.

However, with no Open New Tab on the right click menu of the logo, every time I open Dissenter or Brave I have to close all these sites one by one and open a new tab manually. Firefox did have this feature, in fact it listed Open New Tab, Open New Window, and open Private Window. I do not miss the last two but would sure like to see the first appear here. No other browser offers this except Firefox, but I sure do miss it.

Other than that I really like Dissenter/Brave. They support most of the plugins that I have come to rely on (No Script, MeasureIt, ColorPicker, ExpressVPN, BulkImageDownloader). Good job but I do miss that one little feature. Only thing I miss Firefox for at this point.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Is this what you are referring to?

No, I keep my browser icon on my taskbar, I have most browsers to cross check client’s websites. When you click on the Firefox icon in the taskbar you get choices, other browsers don’t offer this. That way I don’t have to open and close multiple sites to get one open tab up.

I don’t care about pinning sites but the open new tab choice would be a great help there. I can’t screenshot it because the RC goes away when you do anything else.

Bummer, you could also submit a Brave Feature Request.

Do you miss that?

Yes, but I am not getting that on either Brave or Dissenter. What did I miss?

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