I migrated from opera gx to brave. pls answer my question

hey, i use gx for a long time, and i got used to pressing ctrl w every time i wanted to clear my open tabs and search for something new, since opera doesn’t close when you do that. but now, when there is only one tab open and i close it, brave closes together, and every time i have to start it again and again, because i always do that (as i said earlier, i used opera for a long time ). is there anything I can do so that the brave doesn’t close together with the last tab, like opera?

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Brave Support may / will need more info.

Brave Support gets a lot of reports and requests every day. In order to ensure that your issues get addressed/resolved:

[They request] Please adhere to the guidelines to the best of your ability, and use the Template shown in the Reply Editor. [No quotes, in the following links - copy and paste the link into new browser windows:]

Support Templates Reference

How to submit a Bug Report:


The Brave Community webpages use a Categories and Tags - topic organization system - that assist Brave Support and Community members.

Sounds like, for your concerns / issues, you might select:

Browser Support > Desktop Support

General info:

Opera GX is a special version of the Opera browser built specifically for gamers.”


Hey @suzuya ! Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

I am unfamiliar with gx, is the feature you are looking for a shortcut to quickly close all tabs and leave only a new tab page open?


@suzuya You can try this-

  • Open a new tab or go to the tab you want to save
  • Right click on the tab itself and “Close other tabs”


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@GreenBananaPorridge (sorry for my poor english) nah, its like, when i close the last page open on opera, it automatically open a new tab, without closing the app.
@Aman_M well, ok, but like, im really used to ctrl w everything when i want to clear my tabs. if there is no other way, im going to use this. thanks!

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There’s a request logged for this @suzuya

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