I made a video about the brave browser but I feel I could do better (Input wanted)

FIRST OFF NOTE OF A VIEW THINGS: I am not posting this link to get views, subs, likes or comments, HOWEVER I am posting this video To seek input on how I could make a better (perhaps updated in the future) video, that keeps things simple, understandable, and would make it easy to show to my friends and family. (The purpose for me making a video aside from having content for my new channel is to send it to my family so they’ll switch after understanding it). If posting my video here violates any community terms of service then by all means please delete this post.

Onto my post: So I recently made a youtube video Going over the brave browser here That I wanted to send to my family and just have on my channel, but after watching it over myself and input from some friends It could use some work.
Therefore I am coming here looking for input on what the Brave community thinks I did right, what I did wrong, or just do a totally different video.

I want constructive feedback on how this could be done better to convey it in a simple laymans terms way.

Thanks in advance!

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it covers the fundamentals in the simplest way.

@Dgenies I feel as if there’s more I could add or even put it simpler. For example one part (that i edited in) was forgetting to mention that you can TIP Brave verified publishers BAT.

I do agree that I kept it simple enough, but I guess it just feels to unscripted to me

i just created a post like by some of the admins about tipping Tipping control feature please do read it before posting

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interesting thoughts