I’m unavailable due to hurricane

I live in an area that was hit by Hurricane Ian (The eye actually passed through here). Unfortunately cell phone service was down all day yesterday and it’s spotty at best today. No internet in town and most landline phones aren’t working either. Half the city has no electricity. Practically all local businesses are still closed.

Point of me making this topic is I noticed a lot of notifications and messages received from people reaching out to me. Unfortunately, I can’t get to it all due to service issues in my area. Wanted to advise I’ll respond when able, most likely when normal internet is available again.

Key part, I’m not ignoring anyone. Anyway, stay safe and have fun.


Thank you for the update — mostly just glad you’re okay. Stay safe and dry!


Yay! Internet is back (at least for now. It psyched me out earlier today). I was fortunate to have very little issues here at my apartment. But things definitely were crazy.


Glad you’re alright!

Happy to hear you’re safe and alright @Saoiray

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