I´m not receiving full donations


I should have 120 bats in my pending payouts but just have 77. I have read other similar topics and it seems that I´m not the only one. I read the topic from @Asad about some common solutions but that´s not my case. I have the uphold account properly verified and received the donations out of that period from 1st to 8th. Also waited for several days.

Is there anything that I can do in order to fix it?




Yeah I’ve having that same issue. I’ve been verified by uphold and all that jazz. I have some pending payouts but not all are showing up.



They are probably busy to chek all the people that try to get free BAT so they have a lot of stuff to chek from IP and stuff like that sory my english (french canadian)



Are you able to show us the tipping history for 120 BAT? (I am guessing you used 3 versions of the browser to tip yourself, or three months of grants—or you had 3 friends tip you the entirety of their grants?)

If that is the case, we can try to look deeper by getting the paymentID from your browser(s). Would you like to proceed with this? I can provide instructions.

Otherwise, you can keep checking in case the front-end is out of sync with the back-end.



hi chriscat can you open new topic on rewards category for instructions



Please, provide instructions.

The donations are one from myself, and the other two from two friends. I´m looking my history but it just shows the quantity and date, no more details.

But anyway, it seems that you are having this problem with a lot of people, right? Is not going to be a general solution in the system for all of them?




Thanks. You will need to navigate into your Brave-browser folder (on Mac, it’s under Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/brave-browser/default. (On PC, it should be under app Data/local/...).

In there, find the ledger-state file under the /Default folder, open it, and then send me a PM with your PaymentID.

The PaymentID looks something like this:


Question #2:

Did you by any chance tip yourself/have other people tip you, but then immediately (or very near immediately) close the browser right after you clicked “send tip”? (I imagine this could be the case if you or your friend didn’t have any interest in actually using the browser, but only opening it to take/tip the grants.) That may have interrupted the tipping protocol partway through. Truthful answers appreciated! :slight_smile:





the rule need to be more clear on that i have lot of friend just tiping me because i show them this is they actually use it its ok right ?! but in case someone download + install and actually dont use it for 30 day or less do i still received tips or BAT for the referal ???! cause im at shcool right now trying to promote BRAVE best i can ( sorry my english ) french canadian