I`m afraid of Brave...

Hi there,

Recently I removed google chrome from my Mac and started using safari, the problem is that some sites request an browser with chromium, I tried using Microsoft`s edge browser, but I don’t like it.

But then I saw brave, and I think its beautiful. the problem its that I don’t like bitcoins or other cryptocurrency. I have heart horror stories from other people about Bitcoin and others. My surprise when I installed brave… It had a cryptocurrency system.

I want to know how to disable it. because bitcoin can force the computers to work harder and make it slow. And I uninstalled chrome because of the power consumption and because it was slow.

thanks for the help

Hi! First let’s make things clear. Cryptocurrency it’s just a virtual currency and you can exchange it for real money, theres is nothing wrong with that.
Next we have cryptocurrency miners. These people are using their computers to mine and gain cryptocurrency.
Next we have softwares that can use your processor to mine cryptocurrency and that is not right if you don’t agreed with that.
Brave is NOT using you computer to mine cryptocurrency. Brave blocks ads but it gives you an option to watch their ads. If you agree to watch their ads, brave will reward you by giving you cryptocurrency on your browser wallet. Then you can send this cryptocurrency on your bank account.
So there is a fair deal, you watch their ads, you gain money.
Of course you can disable their ads in your browser settings but I thing it’s disabled by default.


there are a couple things wrong with this. First, “bitcoin” is a currency. It’s doesn’t make anything slow, it’s a medium of exchange. The act of creating (aka Mining) bitcoin makes things slow, because that requires processing power, but just having bitcoin doesn’t do anything.

Second, Brave does not mine cryptocurrency. It just gives it as a reward for allowing ads to be shown to you.

Third, the crypto that Brave gives is not Bitcoin. it’s BAT. very different things.

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Open brave://rewards and turn them off.

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@4561235 @HighTower @gmacar are all correct.

But to put your mind at ease… the Brave Browser when you opt-in to viewing Ads rewards users by giving BAT (Basic Attention Token) in return. BAT is referred to as a ‘Token’ because it uses an existing Blockchain (network) which is Ethereum.

Bitcoin utilizes its own Blockchain and has no relation to Ethereum so the Brave Browser will never mine (proof of work POW) Bitcoin. For that you would need something like CryptoTab Browser.

As a Brave user for over a year with Ad blocking and Ads enabled I find Brave does not use excessive computing resources (predominantly Brave on Linux). However some others have, see here.

If you don’t want to use Brave Rewards or have any Crypto involvement:

  1. Go to brave://rewards and ensure that everything here is toggled “off”.
  2. Go to Settings --> Appearance and hide the Brave Rewards icon:

If everything is disabled, you shouldn’t encounter any Rewards business you don’t want to deal with.

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