I love the idea buttt,


I can’t use the browser like I would like to.

I understand you guys are SUPER busy working out all the kinks and stuff, things I have little knowledge on, yet.

The brave browser on my phone appears to work great, however, my desktop is another story…

In order to find the browser on my desktop, I had to pin it to my lower Taskbar. There was no shortcut made nor the option to make one.

When I tried to make one, Brave browser didn’t show up as an option.

Which means I also couldn’t set Brave as my default.

Another problem is loading. I can only run one window at a time with brave due to loading. Seems to lag, on my desktop.

Again, I love the idea, but please don’t be offended as I have to use other browsers for faster load time. I am patient and waiting for your updates. When all of this clears, Brave will be my go-to browser.

I also would like to thank you guys. I am finding out more on blockchain technology, Bitcoin, and cryptography. I’m in love. So much, I’ll be writing on these topics, frequently. This is something I can get behind and believe in. So thanks!

As far as the browser, I’m using pretty frequently on my phone, especially concerning personal browse time but when it comes to my desktop, I do good to get my outlook account to load, much less anything else.

Please do not think I’m disgruntled or impatient, because I’m not, I’m letting it be known so I can move all my account information over asap.

I’m definitely pleased with what is being done here and can’t wait for it to be my number one. So if you don’t see that I’m using, I have good reason but patiently waiting for when I can.

Thanks, Tamara


I’ve had the issues of it taking forever to startup and not showing up a shortcut aswell


Hi @Tamara I think we should expect the browser to be working more efficiently later this year, have a look at their Plans for Upcoming 1.0 Browser Release

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