I love Geoguessr and brave browser seems so slow V's chrome

Don’t have the patience to work out the proper “category” for this post ( i think brave could do better in their category tree)… I don’t know … but… chrome seems to load streetview images much faster than brave in geoguessr.com … and speed to load, refresh images (esp. in the “En Garde”) is vital to the game. Maybe it is because geoguessr uses googlemaps api and chrome is google … IDK. I am a top ranked player so this is not a frivolous observation . Can it be fixed? and be faster?
I love Brave … but love being ranked 95 to 100 more …speed to load streetview matters a lot
Let me know if there is a fix … or whether you think I am just imagining it.
Cheers . thanks for your time to read this.

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