I lost some bats today

What’s going on, on my android browser i lost some bats today, had 11+ bats , now i have just 8.9, how am i supposed to collect 25 bats , it is really hard, with bats i also lost my trust in this browser.

It isn’t about rs50, it is about the time i spent to collect these tiny bats, i would let my browser open whole day just to get more ads, and today saw some bats missing it really hurt me, what if it happens again, and there is no account to hold your pending rewards , it is just a temporary data, even a single mistake, browser crash would erase all your bats, why don’t brave team come up with a solution, people have been going through this for long now , they know it, it seems they don’t care, because they get their 30% without any problem!!!

Can you explain what is this duppicated bat display bug?

Last month(July 2020) my estimate rewards reduced 5,6 times and every time this happened my ads notification received this month is also reduced to 0 (you can see screenshots i already uploaded on my thread)

I don’t think it’s a display bug because i counted my rewards every time I got a add (I got 0.05 bat for every add I received) But still after some days my rewards reduced and this happened continually for 5,6 times
Lost almost half of my rewards☹️

I don’t know what will happen this month now😩

I know i had no duplicate bats, all my bats were rightfully earned, each time an ad would appear, after clicking i would go check my pending rewards , i had a record of every single bat i earned.

I already read that post many times

According to that post : if we recently verified wallet with Uphold or update browser and experienced a decrease in the displayed amount then it’s a display bug

But, in my case i don’t updated or verified my wallet
And my rewards are not decreased once or twice this happens 5,6 times every month

I think this display bug is for browser wallet not for pending rewards

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