I lost my sync chain

guys’ i lost my sync chain is there a way to get old bookmarks and autofill get back or for future there’s a way to save it by signing in id and data will save there like chrome coz i dont wanna get in same trouble again. thnks in advance


Afaik, due to their privacy stuff, they have deliberately made it this way. This time right down the code somewhere by pen paper, which you will never lose.

@yaseeraly Sync is only linked with the code, there’s no login or anything. This is done for security purposes. That said, you can always do occasional backup of your browser onto something like a flash drive. By doing this, if you replace the /Brave folder with files you’ve saved, it can restore things like your Bookmarks or Passwords you had saved. (on desktop anyway, I’m honestly not sure if mobile devices work the same way)

Otherwise, it’s basically like chh_68 mentioned, that you should keep your sync code in a safe or in some other secure location so you can always add devices to it should something ever happen.