I lost my bats when I claimed them...Help please

today the brave reward announcement appeared,
and when I gave him a claim, he kept loading, when he reloaded the page, the ad disappeared. Help please

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Hi @hectorgg - thanks for reporting your issue. What Brave version are you using? Would you be willing to share a screenshot of what you see now in the panel?

I will upload the photo later, I have 2 devices in my house. and the rewards arrived on the 6th of this month, and yesterday I saw it, but I claimed it without having internet. when connecting to the internet, the message disappeared

and the other phone, claim without problem

My phone

other phone(dady):

in my house there are 3 phones me, my dad, and my uncle
We all received the ad, but only I can claim

Brave 1.4.2

My Uncle

Uploading: VID_20191111_115441.mp4…

Can you ensure that everyone using the browser has the most up to date version of the app? It would be v0.1.5.0 at the time of writing this.

ok, wait for me I’ll update it

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