I lost my BAT from Estimated Pending Rewards

Hey guys,

So yesterday I noticed that my BAT from Estimated Pending Rewards just disappeared but I continued ‘earning’ through ads and now I have 1.4 BATs. After 30 minutes of the problem still persisting I sent a pm to a subreddit mod of r/batproject but I didn’t get any reply so today I am posting it here in hopes of quick resolution.

Wallet info removed as I just realized its sensitive info. Sorry.

This is when I last had 11 BAT on October 22

This is what I have now

p.s. I don’t think its auto contibute because I turned it off from day 1 and it is still in pending.
It also couldn’t the case that the 11 BAT was a miscalculation since I received 300+ ad notifications.

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I doubt it might be the “DUPLICATE BAT BUG”. In which case duplicate BAT gets accumulated in your account.

I have never heard of that but upon looking around this forum it seems that many users encountered this issue before me. Sucks cause this is the first month I’m using brave and I might just go back to chrome if this is how things go.

les coses aniran bé, no us preocupeu

things gonna be fine don’t worry

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OP said it’s no longer an issue