I Lost my access to my Wallet Brave. I couldn't verify my uphold wallet

I linked my uphold account to two devices. After that, I formatted both devices and linked again. then I formatted one of them again, but when I tried to link my uphold wallet in brave, I couldn’t link it anymore. I want to unlink 4 slots from my wallet so I can link new devices.

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I got the same issue on my phone, on my pc its ok but my phone says error something went wrong

Try this: How to Submit a Wallet Unlinking Request

Device limits will be removed in a future release. Anticipate release date is sometime in April/May. Until that time, use the “Wallet Unlinking Request” post to unlink one device.

Brave GitHub Project/Remove Linking Limits: Implement solution for linking limits
You can use this link to track the status of the project

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