I lost my 20 BAT

Hello. I had 20 BAT in my portfolio that would be used to reward the sites I visited most often. it was also written that if the sites had not been enabled to receive the bats within 90 days, those 20 bats would have returned to my portfolio. The 90 days have expired around February 24, but the 20 bats have not returned to my wallet. why?

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Hi @Michele1995 - it sounds like that BAT was Brave Grant. After the 90 days, if it’s unused, then it returns to Brave.

on the F.A.Q page of Brave it is written like this:

“Publishers must verify ownership of their properties with Brave in order to receive contributions from Brave users. If a publisher has not verified ownership, then a user’s contributions will be held in reserve inside the browser for 90 days. The browser routinely updates an internal list of all verified publishers to determine whether a property can receive contributions. At the end of the 90 day period, any contributions marked for unverified publishers will be released back to the wallet. No funds leave the browser except to go to verified creators.”

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Can you share a screenshot of your wallet – the message @Michele1995?

This one :point_up: The BAT is never leave your wallet. Unless you use it to support verified creator/s.

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this is my wallet.

I’m not see anything in your screenshot that indicated you have a pending contribution. Like my previous reply, your BAT will not leave your wallet if you tip it to unverified creator.

now there is nothing written. but it was written until day 24, that is the expiration of the 90 days. I thought the 20 bats would come with me today, instead I didn’t receive them!

how can i solve the problem?

can no one help me? what happened to my pending 20 BAT?

btw thats also the definition in the official brave faq ( https://brave.com/faq/#unclaimed-funds )


in the Official brave faq says that after the 90 days have elapsed, the 20 pending bats would have returned to my portfolio if the creators of the most visited sites had not been verified. But instead at the end of the 90 days the message indicating this in my wallet disappeared, my 20 bats I have not received, and the sites in question that should have received the reward are not verified sites.

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Yes I know, my reply was to @eljuno - doesnt make sense that you didnt get your BAT back

@f-ben @Michele1995 this one is the same answer with the FAQ. :point_up:

The BAT is never leave your wallet if you use it to sent tip/auto contribution to unverified creator/s in first place. And you’ll see similar message like in my screenshot. My 1 BAT is still on my wallet.

Unless you use the same BAT to tip other verified creator.

in my message highlighted how in your photo it was written that I had 20 bat intended for the creators and that if the creators were not verified those 20 bat would have gone into my portfolio. When the 90 days have expired I never received my 20 bats. They never returned to my wallet. I only have 6 bats which are the sum of the rewards of the various advertisements I receive on my browser.

@eljuno can you reply me?

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