I lost BAT upon resetting my phone

I had like 35 BAT on my phone collected over years and I didn’t get to withdrawal them because neither Uphold nor Gemini work in my country.
My phone run into a bug and I had to factory reset, since I couldn’t do anything on it.

Is there any way to recover them?

Nope. Until you had done kinda backup or something (not tested or tried so don’t know if even that would work).

Same as @SmartyAadi said. Once you reset the device, it also clears the data in brave. I don’t even think it syncs your BAT between devices. At least, it doesn’t for me.

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That’s correct. As they were doing vBAT, that was only saved on your device. The only way to “sync” it was to connect to a custodial account, where the BAT then would be saved. For those like @Liviu who were unable to connect to Uphold or Gemini, meant no way to do much. So factory reset would have deleted the Rewards ID they had and started them as if they were on a new device.

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