I lost all my referrals after switching my referral channel to another account but not receiving Brave support

Hi all,
Hi @Aa-ron
Hi @steeven
Hi @Mattches
I switched my channel to another publisher account on 11/18/2020. This account is also an old account from May 2020. And then I lost all of my referrals. I asked for help from @Aa-ron but the response I received was an apology. I made no mistake when I moved my channel on November 18th because at that time the introduction was not over. That’s an unsatisfactory answer, I need some help getting my referrals back.

My chanel, I have over 500 downloads from Group 1,2,3. and now I lose everything even though I still connect to my channel

Hepl me pls @Aa-ron, @Mattches

Help me @steeven pls

This is due to the fact that you made a new Creator account after we stopped giving new referrals/codes. The only mistake made here was transferring your channel after we made our changes to the system.

I switched channels on November 18, the end date of the program was November 23. And I switched to an old account. It is not my fault. And if normally I switch channels I will get the old referral code, not the new as you said

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