I lost all my bats when I synchronized Uphold. I'm not getting any kind of help

I synchronized Brave with Uphold, my 6 thousand Bats disappeared.
I waited 3 days to get them in my wallet and nothing!
I opened a claim ticket and I waited 5 days more and nothing!
I contacted Uphold and they kindly sent to talk with Brave support.

It supposed we have to trust in this browser (even we have a non-custodial wallet), but if something gets wrong, we need better communication ways.

This is my claim ticket number: 185060

Hello, someone will get to your request shortly. Thanks!

the propaganda setting to the maximum
and you tell me they can’t do anything about it.
I swear


6 thousand vbat in an unverified wallet? not at all likely even if you had been collecting vbat with no issue from the very beginning…

probably?? It is. It’s happening to me right now, so don’t tell me what is probable or not.
I’m from Argentina, my country wasn’t allowed for verification.

click on 3 dots, go to Settings → Developer Option → Rewards Debug → Export Database, and send that to devs.
If the folder hasn’t been tampered, they can check and restore.
Simple screenshots can be easily reproduced with the amount you want.
Edit, this is for android devices.

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Are you sure it was 6 thousand? No one gets 6 thousand in one year.

Most probably it was displaying 6.000 BAT, which means 6 BAT.
Remember that in English speaking countries the decimal separator is “.”

Maybe you are right
but only 6 bats in all a complete year?
The set up is in 10 per hour (maximum)
And I use the PC a LOT !!!

Provide here an image

It may be misunderstood in some way. here is an example of what looks like in europe

0.118 is the amount, contains a dot.

It’s the same here bro
It didn’t look like that
And my account wasn’t synchronized.

I’ve already reported the problems that Uphold is having in Latin America and for some reason my post was marked as “Unlisted”.

There’s something very wrong going on with Uphold, people are literally being ripped off, there’s no other definition for it, it’s theft.
I’m already about to stop using Brave, there’s no point in using a browser that is willing to reward the user with tokens if I can’t receive the tokens


Michael, nice to meet you!!! thank you for your help.
I’m trying what you told me …
I go to the 3 dots, later more tools, developer tools … and i get a kind of console
Where do I find rewards debug ??

Estoy por creer que brave es dudoso en el manejo de los BAT y saca estos errores tan comunes y no dan respuesta, ¿será asi para todo en lo hemos confiado en ellos?

Que se yo, pero para lo que apuntan deben tener un sistema más seguro que esté.
En mi caso no hubiésemos tenido ningún problema si cuando sincronice mi cuenta no se hubiera ido todo al carajo. Luego se demoraron 10 días en darme una respuesta. Vos si tenés un problema con tu non-custodial Wallet queres esperar 10 días?

same problem for me!!! :confused:

I’ve been banned from rewards for 2 months and there is no reason why

Hello team
What is the correct way to remove flag from flagged rewards profile please?
email is in the PM when requested, thanks.

I have the same problem after transfer my BAT to Upholding! Waiting for some help from Brave or Uphold!

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