I lost all my BAT


I had 10 BAT tokens, and the payments kept saying it was overdue and I wanted them to go through so I turned Brave Payments off then on and I ended up losing all my BAT. How do I get them back?


Hi @Greensum182,
Did you mind to try to turn OFF the payments again and wait a seconds before turn it ON again? Maybe there’s some glitch when you turn off and on before.

Also, make sure you backup your wallet. In Payments, click the gear icon to open the payments advanced settings then you can hit the backup button. It should show the random words, save and keep it private.

Let me know if that can help,


So that worked, but my contribution never went through. It told me it would
go through on February 16th, and it didn’t go through and is now
scheduled for an entire month later.


Hi @Greensum182

When you go to the gear icon and click back up your wallet button, do you see words or ‘a’? (if you see words, don’t paste them here, as @eljuno said keep those private).



I see all normal words, and everyday that goes by the payment date seems to move a day ahead as well.

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