I lost all my BAT when verifying with Uphold

For the longest time I could see my BAT balance increasing as I accepted rewards. Suddenly I am not able to see my balance and it says I must login to Uphold to see it… So I log into Uphold and I verify my account. Then it wants me to authorize Brave application… So I say “Authorize”. then it just sits with a spinning wheel saying “Your request is still being processed, please wait.” indefinitely.

I have verified my Uphold account and it says that there are not BAT transactions… Where did all my BAT go?

I have a BAT wallet 24 word recovery phrase but I don’t know where I can enter it.

Any guidance?

Hi @moonraccoon welcome back to Community :wave:

Could you kindly confirm the following below:

  • Device/OS version and Brave version (found by going to brave://version)
  • Are you on the list of Supported Regions when verifying Brave Rewards with a custodial partner?
  • Have you tried disconnecting Uphold and reconnecting?

I’m in Canada.

Brave 1.45.118 Chromium: 107.0.5304.91 (Official Build) (x86_64)
Revision 3d5948960d62418160796d5831a4d2d7d6c90fa8-refs/branch-heads/5304@{#1097}
OS macOS Version 12.3 (Build 21E230)
JavaScript V8
User Agent Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_7) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36

Can I do something with this 24 word recovery phrase I wrote down a couple years ago?

This is a screenshot of what happens when i try to “Authorize” Brave with Uphold.

It stays on the screen indefinitely.

Where does it say this? If you’re looking inside your Rewards part, it won’t show there.

If this is the first time you’ve done this, all your BAT would be getting sent from your browser to Uphold. Generally this is done within a few hours, but with it currently being during the payout there may be a slight delay.

If you’ve authorized it before and the browser had been connected, then that means you’ve likely received payouts before. This means if you go to Uphold’s website, you’ll see all your BAT sitting there.

That has nothing to do with Rewards. In fact, I don’t even know what you have there. You see:

  • Brave Rewards doesn’t have recovery phrases. (it used to years ago, but they don’t work anymore)
  • Brave Wallet uses a 12 word recovery phrase
  • Sync uses 25 word recovery phrase. (it used to be 24 words, changed to 25 words this year and the 25th word changes daily)

So whatever your 24 word recovery phrase might be, it is nothing to do with (current) Rewards and most likely is invalid.

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Uphold does not show my BAT transactions. Like every time I accepted rewards and they should have been accumulating there.

I had been putting off doing the KYC on uphold. I finally decided to do it because I could no longer see my BAT balance in the browser. I had in the ballpark of 200 BAT in there and wanted to make sure they were not gone… But I can’t find them.

I presume i must have “authorized” it before even without the KYC? My BAT was accumulating somewhere. Not sure where they are now though.

I’m a very early Brave adopter and in the early days they gave us a 24 word recovery phrase in case we had to reinstall i guess… This is before the days of Uphold. The memory is foggy now… All I know is that in my secret text file where i keep all these things I have a “Brave Browser BAT wallet” recovery phrase. I guess there is nothing to do with it anymore… still I would like to find out where my BAT went.

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I can’t find any deposits of any BAT on my Uphold account.

I have been collecting BAT for a long time… years. I don’t see any BAT on my Uphold account now that I have finally done the KYC to get full access.

That’s when I started using Brave.

I got the recovery phrase when I started using Brave. I never got an update to it. Never had to recover it.

Just trying to figure out where all my BAT went and why my Uphold account is empty. I’m new to Uphold as of yesterday. Been using Brave for something like 4 years now… Up until recently I was getting in the ballpark of around 200 BAT according to my browser view.

So as I mentioned, what happens is when you first link Brave to Uphold or Gemini, it immediately empties the BAT from your browser and sends to Uphold or Gemini. Typically it appears there within 24 hours (often within 3 hours).

Personally, I’d say to wait and you’ll likely see it there within about a week, give or take. But if worried, you can always submit a Rewards Support Ticket so someone from Brave can help look into it. Though they are limited on what they can do until the current payouts are completed.

I haven’t been able to see my balance in the browser for a couple weeks. Not sure when I first noticed it was no longer visible. It told me I had to login to Uphold to see it. Then Uphold told me I had to do the KYC… So I figured fine… I guess i have put it off long enough.

The weird part is how it hangs when i try to connect it with “Authorize”.

I’m still seeing this screen in that tab!

Is there any way to possibly track my account with the original 24 word recovery phrase?

Like find the address then see where that account was transfered with uphold? Maybe it’s not who I’m currently logged in there as? That was like $300 worth of BAT at the peak i think… :frowning:

I am logged in to Uphold but I see no balance.

When I try to authorize it hangs with the above window…

Any ideas?

@moonraccoon Don’t use that recovery phrase. It only used to recover your estimated earnings not your balance and I’m not sure what it does anymore. Good chances your BATs are stuck/still being processed. It normally happens with very old wallets. Best is to raise a ticket in the link provided by Saoiray- https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360001302431

And good job sticking with Brave for so long. And just out of curiosity, what does your Rewards state say on brave://rewards-internals/?

Standard. You collect and never actually get. That’s just how it works. Or never works. However you want to look at it. On the bright side if you edit a post here they will give you a dumb ass badge though so I’d say worth it.


To create a ticket I need to know what to put in this field:

“Please enter your wallet payment ID:”

I have no clue about this…

This is what my “rewards-internals” says right now…

Screen Shot 2022-11-09 at 10.44.57 AM

I have Time Machine making backups of my hard drive… If I know what file to restore I could probably grab a version from a couple months back maybe.

Oh… I just looked. I accidentally had it disabled since February it seems… Anyway, I can restore a settings file from February if it can help determine how my wallet was configured then.

I have a bunch of this error in the logs under “rewards internals”

seems maybe it started October 20th when I download the “full logs”. Althought I don’t know for sure… maybe that’s only how far the logs go.

Is there anyway i can restore an old support file in my directory tree that would have any of my old wallet information in it?

i don’t see how this is relevant to my issue.

@moonraccoon Looks quite bad. The rewards wallet seems to be in a corrupted state hence likely your tokens didn’t transfer over. Do you have a backup of your entire Brave-Browser folder in your user data folder from Feb? Although that also may or may not help as we still don’t know since how long your wallet is in this state.

Also, when was the last time you received a pay-out? You can check from brave://rewards-internals/ > Promotions. And best is not post a screenshot of anything in the internals. Have you been updating your Brave regularly all these years?

@SaltyBanana if you could revisit this topic, would be appreciated.

@moonraccoon Since you’ve created this topic, Brave did push an update to Version 1.45.123. Could you make sure that, if you haven’t already, that your browser is updated and let us know if the issue still is happening.

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I haven’t been able to see my balance in the browser for a couple weeks. Not sure when I first noticed it was no longer visible. It told me I had to login to Uphold to see it. Then Uphold told me I had to do the KYC… So I figured fine… I guess i have put it off long enough..

This directory? /Users/robin/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser

There’s tens of thousands of files in there… would be good to be a bit more surgical and just restore the files concerned with the wallet perhaps.

Yes it’s updated… Yes the problem persists