I lost all my BAT reward after link my uphold account

Hello, recently i created a uphold account so i linked my uphold account to brave but all BAT (30BAT) i had on brave before link my uphold account are disappeared.
I already contacted uphold and they told me to contact brave support.
Thank for read this terrible english.
Have a good day

@helmix If you just recently verified, such as today, then it would appear to go to 0 as it pends to send to you. Normally you should be fine and it will appear in the next month’s pay at the lastest, but as there have been some delays and issues lately, I would suggest you send a DM (private message) to @steeven explaining the situation.

Also when you message him, be sure to include your Wallet Info from brave://rewards-internals so he will know where to look and can view the history. Just so you know, that internals link I gave you needs to be pasted into your browser for it to appear. Then you copy the info you’ll see into a message to him. For security purposes, never share it publicly.

buenas tarde que sorpresa la que meda brave hoy desapareció mi Saldo de tokens quedo en 0,000 BAT tengo mi perfil verificado con uphold y ahora no puedo ni abrir la billetera pensé q seria por que ya pronto llegaría el pago como se indica en la información dejada arriba q dice q el pago se daría a partir del fin de semana pero la sorpresa que en ves de recibirlo nos desaparece no entiendo que es lo que esta pasando pero seguiré ala espera de que todo pronto lo solucionen y no perder mi saldo acumulado en espera y recibido

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