I Lost 10$ Worth Of BAT Anyway To Get It Back?

I lost 10$ worth of BAT that was saved in my Brave Browser because I bought a new phone and when I redownloaded the app on the new phone my crypto was gone it hadent had the chance to get transferred over to uphold yet because it’s not the end of the month yet? So am I just put of luck on that crypto? Maybe implament a login feature on the browser itself like when you log into Google in the browser seems like it would sol e alot of heart ache.

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It still would be on your old phone, which can still run Brave and connect to Uphold. Obviously you’d need to connect it to Wi-Fi or have service on it, but yeah…

There won’t be anything specifically like that but it’ they are building something similar in being able to sync BAT. It used to exist but then they changed things up. But it is indeed coming again for Rewards Backup & Restore for those with unverified wallets.

Well I traded my old Google Pixel 4a in for a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra they have a deal where you get 800$ off any phone for pretty much anything you bring in to trade them. So I couldnt pass it up. But I guess that crypto is gone then.

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