I losed my brave Rewards

Hi guys i have a big problem i losed 0.98 USD i losed who i reinstall brave what i can do and i dont know who i can create account

Hi ! ! ! I had a issue with my rewards. I opened my browser and my money was lower than before, 5 dollars lower more or less. How can we fix it?
Thanks !

@Juno Please start your own thread. Your issue has NOTHING to do with the topic of this thread. Be sure to provide the troubleshooting information requested in the template that you see when you start a new thread.

@Ender44YT Unfortunately, when you reinstall Brave or your OS, there is no way to preserve or restore the BAT on your old account.

how i can create a account? i have brave from epic games

Brave is a browser and has nothing to do with Epic Games.

btw Epic have a corporation with brave and itchi and other design app i thinked brave syncro with epic account and save i thinked ok but how i can create brave account

Brave is a completely different company. Perhaps Epic is one of the advertisers.

Are you using the Brave browser? If so, have you enabled Brave Rewards in the settings.

yes i know brave is. not epic ganes i sayed brave have a corporation (koperation) with epic games i use brave why i here xd how can i create account

Ok, I think something was lost in translation. I think the word you want is cooperation, not corporation. That’s what had me confused.

Are you trying to create a Brave Rewards account? If not, what kind of account are you trying to create?

yes this word i writring false my englisch is broke Brave dont have a account to save the USD the money?

I think I understand now. The only option at this time is an Uphold wallet. In order to link your Brave Rewards to an Uphold wallet, you have to first accumulate 25 BAT (15 BAT for Android devices). Uphold wallets are not available in some countries, and I’ve been told that they charge very high transfer fees. Brave is in the process of adding more options such as Gemini, but those are not yet available.

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yes that i mean schade rhan i must wait and earn i hope brave make quickly a other so what you say gemmin thx

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